Serial Number: 20716 Title: Cotton Club, The (1984) Add item to shopping cart   View your Shopping Cart
Country of Origin: US
Genre: Private Gallery - The 80's
Size: 11x14 LOBBY CARD
Condition: NM
Card Number: 1
Actors/Actresses: Diane Lane, James Remar
Notes: Director: Francis Ford Coppola ; The Cotton Club in Harlem was the hippest jazz club in the 30s. It employed the best musicians and entertainers, mostly black, even though black guests initially could not patronize the club. Among the guests and regulars that did frequent the place one could find Broadway celebrities and movie stars, the beautiful people as well as notorious gangsters. Among the latter was Dutch Scultz, a notorious bootlegger and racketeer who was not Dutch and his name wasn't Schultz. This American mobster was born Arthur Simon Flegenheimer in 1901, to German Jewish immigrants. In this movie he is portrayed by actor James Remar shown here with the absolute gorgeous Diane Lane.

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