Serial Number: 20850 Title: Man in the Glass Booth, The (1975) Add item to shopping cart   View your Shopping Cart
Country of Origin: US
Genre: Private Gallery - The 70's
Subject: Judaica
Condition: EX/NM
Card Number: 2
Actors/Actresses: Maximilian Schell, Lawrence Pressman
Notes: Director: Arthur Hiller; As the title would suggest, the film is inspired by the famous kidnapping and trial of Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi architect of the Holocaust. However, it is a fictitious and altogether different story. It is about a rich industrialist living in outrageous luxury in present day Manhattan. His name is Arthur Goldman. But is he an ex-Nazi officer pretending to be a Jew in order to escape prosecution, or is he a Jewish concentration camp survivor that pretends to be an ex-Nazi in order to be put on a showcase trial where he hopes to expunge the demons that torment him ever since the war? Here Maximillian Schell in the lead role, imperiously explains to his secretary one of the treasured works of art in his possession, a grotesque painting by Hieronymus Bosch, ironically titled “The Garden of Earthly Delights”.

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