Serial Number: 20855 Title: Last Chance, The (1945) Add item to shopping cart   View your Shopping Cart
Country of Origin: ARGENTINA
Genre: Private Gallery - The 40's
Size: 29x43
Condition: VF
Card Number: N/A
Actors/Actresses: Luisa Rossi, John Hoy
Notes: Director: Leopold Lindtberg; Country of origin: Switzerland; Original title: Die letzte Chance; The movie is a story of Two allied soldiers, a Brits and an American, prisoners of war in Italy, are taken north by train to a POW camp. En route, their train is bombed, they escape to the countryside and after a long series of encounters and near recapture, they end up taking refuge in a church. There they’re joined by a third soldier. In the meantime, the armistice has been signed but random pockets of continued fighting are common, and danger and death may befall them in every turn. In the same church, a group of civilian refugees from various European countries, are also seeking shelter. The priest convinces the three soldiers to lead the group of refugees across the snowy Alps to safety in Switzerland. Using an Italian guide, the ragtag group that includes a Jewish family, proceed on an arduous trek though a snowstorm, evading a German ski patrol, encountering armed guards at a mountain pass, and experience political difficulties at the Swiss border. Eventually they were granted entry but not all survived the journey. Some unfortunate souls were lost along the way. There are a few amazing facts associated with this movie. The director was a Jewish refugee himself, having escaped Nazi Vienna to Switzerland. The movie was released incredibly, only three months after the end of the second World War in Europe, and lastly, the parts of the three soldiers was given to 3 real life soldiers that somehow ended up in Switzerland towards the end of the war. Many of the refugees were cast by unprofessional actors, refugees themselves! This lent the movie its incredible sense of authenticity.

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