Serial Number: 20863 Title: Shoes of the Fisherman, The (1968) Add item to shopping cart   View your Shopping Cart
Country of Origin: US
Genre: Private Gallery - The 60's
Size: 8x10 STILL
Condition: VF/EX
Card Number: 6
Actors/Actresses: Anthony Quinn, Barbara Jefford
Notes: Director: Michael Anderson; Anthony Quinn is a humble Archbishop from Ukraine who spent 20 years in a Siberian gulag (Labor Camp) for being critical of the Soviet leadership and the condition of the existence of the “simple man”. Upon release he ends up in Rome and made a cardinal. Through a series of events, he is eventually elect Pope. In such an epic story, dealing with major world events such as the Cold War, U.S. economic boycotts of China, impending nuclear war, and internal politics in the Vatican, it is totally unexpected to encounter a small episode with a Jewish flavor. After Quinn, as Pope Kiril, is elected, he feels a need to go and mingle, “feel” the everyday man, and so he wanders incognito the streets of a poor neighborhood in Rome. That evening he happens to arrive at a home where a dying man is visited by a woman doctor, with little left to do, and volunteers to read him is last rites as is customary among Catholics. At that point, one of the man’s family in attendance, stops Quinn and tells him that “we’re mostly Jews around here”. Without missing a beat, Pope Kiril proceeds with reciting the Jewish prayer, in Hebrew, reserved for such an occasion. After exchanging farewells, again in Hebrew, he leaves the grieving family accompanied by the doctor, when they stop for a chat on the balcony. At a certain point the doctor hints that she recognizes him to be the Pope in disguise which he gracefully admits. This 8x10 color still is the only paper from this movie that references this little side story. Depicted is Quinn dressed as an ordinary priest, in the company of the doctor having a little informal conversation, overlooking the bustling alley. P.S. Note the mistake (“Fishermen”) in the title.

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