Serial Number: 20868 Title: Girlfriends (1978) Add item to shopping cart   View your Shopping Cart
Country of Origin: US
Genre: Private Gallery - The 70's
Subject: Judaica
Size: 8x10 STILL
Condition: EX
Card Number: N/A
Actors/Actresses: Melanie Mayron, Anita Skinner
Notes: Director: Claudia Weill; A sensitive, insightful, and intelligent little film. “Little”, only in the sense that it was a low budget Indie but certainly not in quality. It was the first feature length, non-documentary effort for this talented director. Six weeks of shooting were stretched out over a full year, and then came to a halt because they ran of money. It took another two years and an injection of funds from Warner Brothers, who picked up the distribution, before the film was completed. On the other hand, all this time to spare may have been a blessing, as the director had plenty of time to make the film exactly as she wanted. No lesser a luminary than Stanley Kubrick was raving about this film in a totally unrelated interview in 1980 saying, among other things: “it’s one of the most interesting…American films that I've seen in a long time”, and “one of the very rare American films that I would compare with the serious, intelligent, sensitive writing and filmmaking that you find in the best directors in Europe”. Enough said. In 2019, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". AKA: Girl Friends

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